Danny McMaster

Rewards4Earth and Erth Points Business Development Officer

If you’re looking for diversity of experience, understanding of business and appreciation of living practices, Danny McMaster would be a very interesting life study. Danny has been a performer, writer and producer for over 40 years in showbusiness. His exploits are scattered throughout social media platforms, recorded for posterity like other performers but his colourful past is full of experiences you might not suspect of a comic performer. Yes, he is an uncanny mimic and impressionist, singer and songwriter, voiceover artist and stage performer. But he has survived the rigours of fickle showbusiness highs and lows and therein lies: ‘the experience of surviving and thriving.’ “The Erth Points System will be the financial saviour of not only clubs and other NFPs…but business will thrive under this unique and game-changing technology along with the planet as our focal financial solution to its needs. The financial benefits are guaranteed because it’s the best marketing system I’ve seen and my instincts tell me a lot of other people will agree with me when they see those same financial benefits show up for them, our communities and the planet.”

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