The WORLD’s Most Effective Marketing/Loyalty System!

Where Businesses only PAY-per-SALE!

Using SUPER-Loyalty to ATTRACT & KEEP Customers by

Supporting the Customer, the Community and the Environment.​

How Businesses benefit:


The quickest way to make your Business more profitable? Make more sales.​ ​ BIG Business’ pays millions for Sponsorship and never know how many sales they won or lost from that sponsorship. ​ ​ Now your Business can attract customers that want to support their favourite team or ECO (Environmental & Community Organisations) and your Business only pays per sale. So, you know which ECO is sending you customers, enabling you to target your marketing more efficiently. ​ ​ Your Business can attract Supporters from Local, National sports teams, churches, charities or any worthwhile cause as your loyal Customers using Erth Points, which is both a customer attraction and loyalty system. ​ ​
All ECO’s want money, this is “crowd funding” from the Supporters everyday spending, not from donations. ECO’s are happy to send their Supporters to your Business in return for a small percentage (Min 3%) of the purchases their Supporters make, which makes those Supporters your customer, and those ECO’s your best advocates.​ ​ ​ An ECO can be any worthwhile cause that wants to raise money; from the the local Under 6 Netball team, to GreenPeace, a Formula 1 Team/Driver, a National Football team, your Church, to send a child for a life saving operation, or to feed a child in the third world. ​


Aligned Objectives through Revenue Sharing – ​

With other Marketing/Advertising options, there is no alignment, they get paid even if your business makes no sales. ​​

With the Erth Point Patented Revenue Sharing model all parties benefit if a sale is made, so all parties are working together, helping businesses to make more sales, particularly the ECOs who can promote businesses that support their cause. A common goal for the common good! ​

From $334 of purchases, the customer and their nominated ECO each earn $2 worth of Erth Points, which encourages the customer to come back again and again, and the ECO to send them to your business. ​

The more supporters an ECO has, the more money it earns, with 1,000 supporters the ECO would earn 1,000 x $2 = $2,000 every week, so they want them to come to your business. ​

Mastermind Alliance – 

The Mastermind principle consists of an alliance of two or more minds working in the perfect harmony. For the attainment of a common defined objective. – No man can become a permanent success without taking others along with him.

WHO Benefits?

We invite you to be part of the Erth Mastermind Alliance, so that you and your business benefit all parties whenever you make a sale where Erth Points are Gifted, only PAY-per-SALE.

  • Your Customer earns Erth Points​ to spend at participating businesses​
  • Your Customers nominated ECO receives a contribution​ from purchases​
  • Our Planet receives a percentage of purchases when Erth Points are gifted​
  • The Erth Ambassador network Shares in the Revenue​​
  • 80% of revenue is shared, and 20% is retained to run the system

Why your Business needs

Free directory, search, and geo-location services.
Have ECOs promote your Special Offers.
Send your best Customers VIP special Offers.
CLICKS-are-FREE, Businesses only PAY-per-SALE.
Use ECO Loyalty, most ECOs will have far more Supporters than you have Customers.
We all take from the planet, now you can give back and get more customers at the same time.

How much do parties Benefit? ​

The cost also contributes towards the Business’s ESG obligations as part of the fees are distributed to the Environment and the Community, and it is tax deductible.
Businesses can attract customers from ECO’s, retain those customers, send their VIP customers Special Offers, advertise for free on the Erth Point App and only Pay when the Customer Pays.​
The cost also contributes towards the Business’s ESG obligations as part of the fees are distributed to the Environment and the Community, and it is tax deductible. ​ ​

All Parties Benefit with

Case Studies

Start rewarding your customers!

Download the Biz App to join. Benefit your business, customers, community and the Planet!

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