Jenni Fagence

Rewards4Earth and Erth Points Business Development Officer

Jenni comes to the Rewards4Earth and the Erth Points Group with a wide range and wealth of experience as an Operations Manager. Jenni started her business career at the age of 11. She was heavily involved in the running and management of the nationally known family business, Skinny’s Hideout (Skinny), manufacturing sheepskin car seat covers, and making ‘UGH Boots’ a household name in the 1970s.

She has been associated with the Financial Planning, Accounting and Auditing industry for over 30 years, and travelled nationally and internationally as a speaker and presenter. She is also an International Business Consultant. She is a successful and experienced Event Manager and Congress Co-Ordinator, as well as a Carbon Accountant and registered Real Estate Agent. She is a member of the Queensland Justice Association. As an Entrepreneur, Jenni has been a Business Mentor and Teacher to high school students in the Australian Business Week Program since 2002. Being a professed “scanner” as Barbara Sher calls it, she encourages students to become entrepreneurs and make a difference in this ever-changing world

Jenni has also been the Manager for Barrie Gott’s Queensland POPS Orchestra, having worked with well-known faces in the music world, and calling many of them her friends. She is a very creative person, using such skills through her acting career where she portrayed a Journalist in the movie, “Through My Eyes” (the story based on Lindy Chamberlain), alongside Miranda Otto and Craig McLachlan and appears in some more recent, yet to be released movies.

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