Jim Demetriou

Rewards4Earth and Erth Points Business Development Officer

Jim Demetriou is an educator, scientist, diplomat, networker, strategist and crypto enthusiast. Jim is an exciting Biochemist and Secondary school teacher whose been involved in education for over 30 years.

Jim’s role as an Erth Points Ambassador presents him with a unique opportunity to combine his experience, skills, talents and fascination for digital currency to empower communities whilst sustainably helping the planet. Jim genuinely wants to build an enthusiastic team of professional Ambassadors that derive revenue for themselves and their families and the numerous community organisations and businesses. As a key Erth Points Ambassador Jim looks forward to reaching out to like-minded individuals keen to learn more about this innovative Erth Points system orchestrated by Rewards4Earth and how it will positively impact people’s lives. As a conscientious father and Earthling Jim understand the importance of leaving this world in a better state for future generations and the Rewards for Earth program provides him with the privileged opportunity to do so.

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