Lauren McLaughlin

Rewards4Earth and Erth Points Global Ambassador

“I would often go into procrastination and Lauren would kick me up the backside with her pink fluffy slippers to make sure I got stuff done.” ~ Ben

Lauren McLaughlin is a marketing and coaching phenomenon. Her experience and education have led her to develop several successful businesses including a successful international distributorship of skincare and nutrition across five countries with a sales force exceeding three thousand people. Laurens has an MBC Master of Business Coaching of The University of Wollongong.

Lauren has been responsible for training and nurturing top leaders to become the best they possibly can. Lauren has lived and worked all over the world including in Hong Kong, Taiwan, Japan, Vanuatu and for a short time in the USA. Lauren’s passionate pursuit of personal development over twenty years ago cultivated a drive to help others achieve success beyond their wildest dreams.

Lauren has coached business owners in diverse fields ranging from health to the arts industries and retailers. Lauren works from the framework of positive psychology, strengths-based and solution-focused coaching. Lauren is passionate and excited about what Rewards4Earth and the Earth Points System can do for both communities and the planet and is an integral and pivotal part of the Ambassadors Team.

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