Robert Tichelaar

Rewards4Earth and Erth Points Business Development Officer

Robert Tichelaar has worked in the construction industry for over 30 years from housing to high-rises to government-funded projects. Robert has also witnessed at first- hand how cumulative stress in the building industry can often lead to anxiety, depression and even suicides that emanate not only from the job site but also from the home environment. It wasn’t until Robert experienced his own breakdown and seeking support that he encountered The Mankind Project abbreviated “MKP” an organisation assisting men, at any stage of life, to get them back on the “right” path whatever that may be. Robert is now committed to supporting men who’ve experienced trauma through The Mankind Project and sees the amazing potential for Rewards4Earth to financially assist the project. As a Rewards4Earth Ambassador Robert believes he tangibly financially empowers The Mankind Project to assist all men in need of appropriate support. Moreover, in keeping with the Rewards4Earth philosophy of empowering communities, Robert believes that an investment in healthy manhood is an investment in healthy families and communities. Robert’s perpetual goal is now to link other like-minded organisations with The Mankind Project and thru Rewards4Earth help support not just the men in construction but also women who aspire to live a mentally healthier and happier life.

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