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John wanted to help his son’s soccer team fund the new clubhouse. It was either use Erth points to fund it, or the parents would be funding it from their donations or their time and effort. John could see the bigger picture benefits of Erth points and how he could not only help his club, but he could also help fellow parents, his friends, the community, the planet, businesses and himself, so he decided to become an Erth specialist.

Once John had paid the joining fee and completed the specialist course, the first thing he did was to get all the other parents to download the App using the QR code on his BIZ App. The parents obviously were quite enthusiastic as they could see that if Erth points could pay for the clubhouse, they wouldn’t have to.

  • John made sure he explained everything and helped the parents to register themselves, nominate the soccer club and register their credit or debit cards into the system.
  • John explained that for every $10 they spent where they earned Erth points, they also went into the current prize draw to win $10,000 (as at 17th of April 2023).
  • John also explained that if they used their QR code to share it to friends, not only would the friend earn Erth points and get entries into the prize pool, but the club would benefit, and they would get more entries in the prize draw.
  • John also got them to buy a $100 Coles, Woolworths or Ampol gift card so they knew how the system worked.
    As soon as they bought an Erth pay gift card, he showed them the Erth points they had earned for themselves, their club and the planet. When they used the gift card they also received points from their current rewards cards for Coles, Woolworths or Ampol.
  • He then explained that if all the parents from all the Soccer teams spent just $334 at any of the merchants, which they all spent more than that already, then the club as an ECO would earn $2 per week per parent.
  • With the club having about 35 teams and about 15 players per team, that’s 525 players and well
    over 1,000 parents, not to mention grandparents, friends and extended families.
  • If 1,000 parents or supporters earned the club $2.00 per week, that’s an extra $2,000 per week
    towards the clubhouse every week. That’s a lot of cake stalls that the parents don’t have to do.
  • The parents started to realise how strong the Erth point system is and started to share it amongst
    themselves and their friends.
  • Some parents even shared it with parents of the teams they were playing against. One of them
    nominated their club and started to share it with all of the opposing team’s parents at the games.
Although they didn’t nominate John’s club as their ECO, John still benefited as a specialist. The club also benefitted as a couple of those parents enlisted their businesses into the system, some of the parents from John’s Club spent money at those merchants, especially the restaurants. So now the opposing team’s parent’s restaurants are actually helping to fund John’s new clubhouse because their club also benefits. John also got the parents that have businesses to enlist so that they could attract more club supporters as customers. The businesses were happy he was not asking for donations or sponsorship like the club had previously, which got them no sales. With Erth points the businesses were extremely happy that the club was benefitting when supporters came in and spent money because the businesses got customers that they would never have had.
John ended up with 2,928 supporters with 2,056 of those nominating his club, giving the club over $4,000 per week in passive income.
John also ended up with 137 businesses in his network, so earned double every time a supporter from his network spent money at a business in his network. John ended up earning over $2,000 per week from being a specialist, all because he put in the effort to help his club, which also helped the club’s parents, the parent’s businesses, and the planet. It pays to HELP.

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