Cross promotions with ECOs and other Erth point merchants- Hairdresser Case Study

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By working together local businesses can cross-promote by offering their customers special offers at other businesses. This benefits the customer, and all the merchants involved.

  • All hairdressers have common customers that frequent local restaurants, coffee shops, Surf Clubs and other merchants. By the BDO coordinating with these businesses, all parties will benefit.

  • By the merchants gifting their customers the following special offers, the customers will feel they are getting a benefit.

From this the customer benefits, the restaurants, the Surf Club and the hairdresser can all benefit from increased sales, and the businesses only pay when the customer pays them. Plus they are all benefitting the community and the planet.
The Surf Club being an ECO also earns extra as they are providing benefits to the community and they have more supporters.

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