Boosting Restaurant Sales – How to Fill Seats on Slow Nights using Erth Points! 

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In an increasingly crowded marketplace, restaurants around the world are constantly looking for innovative ways to boost their sales and attract new customers. Now a revolutionary new system gives restaurants the technology, and customers the reasons to fill empty seats on slow days. Unlike most loyalty point systems, the Erth Point system is both a customer retention (Loyalty) system, and also a customer attraction (Marketing) system. It’s like a hybrid of a Click that is also a loyalty point. The system is not PAY-per-CLICK and hope someone buys something, but is PAY-per-SALE, so the restaurant only pays when a customer pays them. The Erth Point system enables restaurants to enlist their customers free of charge. But what sets it apart from other loyalty systems is the ability for the restaurant to send their VIP customers special offers free of charge via the phone Apps. (Example – Kids eat Free on Tuesday Nights). The system also works on the payment gateway network with debit/credit cards so there is no added hardware. Just “tap and go” like normal and the Erth Points are gifted automatically without any extra effort from cashiers. The restaurant only pays when a registered Erth Point Customer purchases from the restaurant. The system also enables restaurants to attract new customers by tapping into Environmental and Community Organisations (ECO’s) and their dedicated Supporters. These supporters are eager to spend their money at businesses that share their values and reward them as customers. Not only that, but the restaurants that also rewards their ECO via Erth Points, which is an extremely powerful influencer. Erth Points offers a platform that connects restaurants with local ECO’s, giving restaurants the opportunity to fill empty seats on slow days while making a positive impact in their communities. In this article, we’ll explore how Erth Points can help restaurants increase revenue while engaging with passionate customers who care about sustainability and social responsibility.

Leveraging Erth Points to Attract Environmental & Community Conscious Diners

Restaurants seeking to boost their sales by attracting new environmentally and community conscious diners can leverage the Erth Point platform to connect their restaurant with ECO’s who are happy to provide the customers in return for a small percentage of the purchase via the Erth Point system. This creates an avenue for filling empty restaurant seats on otherwise slow nights while also making a positive impact in the community and the environment. Erth Points is a win-win situation for restaurants, ECO’s, ECO supporters, and the environment. Restaurants increase their sales by targeting specific groups who prioritize spending money at businesses that support their values and their ECO, while such individuals discover new restaurants where they can socialize with others who also support ECO’s as part of their dining experience. By providing ways for these customers to get involved in meaningful social activities, restaurants establish themselves as active members of the surrounding community, thus securing long-term loyalty from current patrons while attracting more ECO conscious diners over time. In conclusion, leveraging Erth points helps foster strong relationships between socially active consumers and participating restaurants driven to support their ECO without sacrificing excellent service or quality cuisine options. It’s a smart way to bring like-minded groups together while increasing revenue generation opportunities for all parties involved!

Partnering with Local Community Groups to Boost Your Restaurant Sales with the Erth Point System

Partnering with local community groups can be an effective way for restaurants to increase sales and build loyalty among customers. By reaching out to ECO organizations, restaurants can tap into the passion of their members who are eager to support businesses that align with their values. For example, partnering with a local children’s football or sports club could lead to increased business on slow nights as it is in the club’s interest to send their supporters to restaurants where the club earns a small part of the purchase via Erth Points. The club can send free VIP push notifications – “Free deserts for all club supporters on Wednesdays at Bob’s Seafood Restaurant” –the club does this because it benefits, the supporter’s benefit, and the restaurant benefits, every time someone earns Erth Points. On top of this all parties can feel good that they also benefited the environment as part of each purchase goes towards repairing environmental damage. Erth Points offers a unique platform that gives restaurants access to ECO supporters, environmentally conscious and active consumers in their local area. By participating in Erth Points, restaurants have an opportunity not only to boost sales but also make a positive impact in their community by supporting worthy causes such as local clubs, churches, charities and environmental initiatives. Additionally, research shows that customers who feel connected with businesses that share their values are more likely to become repeat patrons and evangelize additional clientele through word-of-mouth marketing. Partnering with local community groups isn’t just good for business—it’s also an investment in the future health of your restaurant and neighbourhood. Building rapport through shared passions creates lasting relationships which will ultimately benefit all parties involved, including planet earth.

Maximizing Empty Nights with Erth Points: A Win-Win for Restaurants, local Communities and the Environment

Maximizing empty nights with Erth Points is a win-win for restaurants and communities. Restaurants are able to fill their unused seats on slower nights, which boosts sales and keeps staff busy while serving delicious food. In addition, partnering with local environmental and community groups through the Erth Points platform creates a positive impact in the neighbourhood by engaging customers who value businesses that support ECO’s that they believe in and are passionate about. How many supporters would go to a new restaurant that supports their church, or their football team, or their child’s school, or their favourite charity that supports their cause that helps save an endangered species that they are passionate about? What about the supporter that nominated to help children in Bangladesh, knowing that their meal at your restaurant helped feed a starving child in a third world country, or provide a lifesaving operating? How many environmentalists would turn up at a restaurant that support their passion of planting trees or pulling plastic out of the ocean? How many first home buyers would choose your restaurant because it helps them save for a deposit on their home, or mortgage payers that use their Erth Points to pay off their home sooner? The answer may be only a small percentage of people, but that small percentage of people with many different passions and all walks of life, is enough to turn empty seats into profitable evenings payers that use their Erth Points to pay off their home sooner where all parties feel better about themselves and who they have helped. Partnering with Erth Points can be a smart move for any restaurant looking to attract new customers while making a positive difference in the community they serve, and the planet that we all rely on to support us. It’s a creative way of maximizing quiet times whilst building long-lasting relationships with committed patrons passionate about social responsibility and ethical living standards – turning empty tables into friendships, satisfied stomachs into repeat visits.

How Erth Points Can Help Restaurants Stand Out in a Crowded Market

Erth Points can help restaurants stand out in a crowded market by providing them with a simple, yet effective marketing strategy. By partnering with local environmental and community groups, restaurants can tap into a segment of the population that is known to be socially aware and actively engaged in their communities. This type of customer is more likely to be loyal to businesses that share their values and will promote them through word-of-mouth or on social media platforms. Moreover, Erth Points provides an added incentive for customers to choose your restaurant over your competitors’. When customers dine at participating restaurants on specified “empty” nights, they accumulate points which can be redeemed for rewards that benefit the customer, their ECO and the planet. This not only benefits the customers who are able to support causes they care about but also encourages repeat business – something that every restaurateur seeks. In conclusion, Erth Points offers excellent opportunities for restaurants looking to set themselves apart from competitors while making an impact within their local communities. By utilizing this platform, establishments can build relationships with like-minded people who are passionate about environmentalism and social responsibility while increasing revenue on traditionally slower nights—all without needing any technical expertise whatsoever.

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