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Business Development Officers (BDO)

Help your friends and family stretch their dollar further by helping them to earn Erth Points from Coles, Woolworths, Bunnings, Ampol, Harvey Norman and many other Retailers.

If you would like to earn extra income by helping raise funds to repair environmental damage and support Environmental and Community Organisations (ECOs) even to support your child’s sports team, as well as help your friends and family stretch their dollar further, while supporting local businesses, then becoming a BDO is the way to do it.

Not only do you help ECOs and the planet, but if you sign up a business you are not only helping businesses to make more sales, but you can earn a percentage of the sale every time that business gifts Erth Points.

BDO can also earn every time a supporter within their network makes a purchase anywhere in the world where they earn Erth Points. You can enlist people into your network in many different ways to help them make their dollars go further –

  • Friends and family using your QR code, or via text or email or other communications, or
  • You can enlist businesses who share your QR code to all their customers, or
  • You can enlist ECOs who can enlist all their Supporters using your QR code.

All these people are then in your network as your Level ones. Every person they enlist into your network is your level two’s, and everyone they enlist is your level three’s, and you earn from six levels every time any of them earn Erth Points from any business anywhere in the world.

The great thing is that whenever anyone in your network earns Erth Points anywhere in the world you earn a small part of every purchase, you help the business make sales, you helped the customer, you helped the ECO and you helped the planet, if that does not make you feel good I do not know what will.

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