Unlocking the Power of Your Community: How Erth Loyalty Points Benefit Customers, the Community, the Environment, and Businesses 

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Welcome to the world of profitable collaborative business with MarketSharePLUS and Erth Points,

where every Erth loyalty point earned translates to a stronger bond between customers, local businesses, community organisations and the environment. In this arena, MarketSharePLUS is leading the charge with their revolutionary Erth Loyalty Reward Points system that promises discounts at your favourite stores and an opportunity to impact our community and the environment positively! You heard it right; from now on, saving money means saving the planet and supporting your favourite worthy cause! So, buckle up as we journey into the exciting world of unlocking community collaboration through Erth Loyalty Reward Points – bringing together a win-win situation for everyone involved!

It’s no secret that businesses want more Market Share. In simple terms, they want more sales, and companies are expected to spend $1 Trillion ($1,000,000,000,000) on Advertising and Marketing (A&M) by 2025, according to AXIOS1, all spent in the hope of getting more sales. So, there is plenty of capital from businesses wanting to spend money on A&M in the hope they make more sales.  

Most A&M can best be described as the PAY and HOPE strategy. But let’s look at the A&M from a who wins and who loses perspective as per “Stephen Covey’s Seven Habits” book –

  • WIN – WIN. If the business paying for the A&M made sales and a small profit after covering the cost of the products and the A&M costs, then that is a WIN for the business. The A&M company got paid, and they feel they got fair value (WIN), so both parties feel like they won.
  • WIN – LOSE. If the business paying for the A&M made a lot of sales, then it was a very profitable exercise, so that is a WIN for the business. But the A&M company probably wished it charged more, which is a loss for them.
  • LOSE – WIN. If the business paying for the sales got minimal sales and paid a lot of money to A&M companies for the privilege of making just a few sales, thereby losing money, then that’s a loss for the business. But the advertising company got paid, so they WON.
  • LOSE – LOSE. If the business paying for the A&M made no sales and lost a lot of money, then they obviously LOSE. Although the A&M company got paid, they will probably never get any repeat business and could lose other potential customers from reputational word of mouth, so that’s a loss for the A&M company also.

A fairer situation is the PAY-per-SALE system that the Erth Point system operates on, where the business only pays when the business makes sales, which means no sales, no cost. The more sales a business makes, the more it pays. That way, the business and the Erth Marketing A&M company are happy as they share in the wins, and the business pays nothing if they make no sales. Plus, the community and the environment also benefit from every sale, and that’s a win for everyone.

Customer Retention Vs Customer Attraction Systems.

As the name ‘ loyalty ‘ suggests, traditional loyalty point systems are customer retention systems. Whereas A&M has always been about getting new customers or customer attraction. These Attraction and Retention systems have a small amount of crossover, but it is minimal and not the primary focus. It’s also reasonable to suggest that these two systems have opposing objectives, as Attraction systems want to attract new customers, which in most cases means poaching customers from other businesses. Loyalty systems have always been about preventing other businesses from poaching your customers.

Because the Erth Point system is both a Customer Attraction and Retention system, this differentiates it from not only every loyalty point system but also from every A&M company as well. One of the most significant benefits of the Erth Point is that it not only attracts them like a click or a traditional A&M ad, but it is more powerful as it uses ‘Super Loyalty’, loyalty to a customer’s sports club, church, charity, or to their passion such as saving animals or supporting the environment. Plus, Erth Points then use that ‘Super Loyalty’ to keep customers repeatedly returning, making the retention even stronger than the traditional loyalty system as the system uses both points and ‘Super Loyalty’ as a double incentive.

Erth Rewards: The Future of Loyalty Programs that Benefit Everyone.

Do you want loyalty reward points that only give you a measly discount on your 28th purchase? Erth Rewards is here to shake things up and make loyalty programs great again! In this world of collaborative community building, every point earned means more than just a few cents off your 28th purchase – it’s an opportunity to impact the environment and support community organisations positively. Erth Rewards understands that businesses aren’t made in isolation; they are part of a larger ecosystem. That’s why their Loyalty Reward Points system benefits customers, community organisations, and the environment. Think about it: every time you shop with Erth partners, you get rewarded for your loyalty and donate to worthy causes such as planting trees or cleaning the oceans. It truly is giving back while getting back! 

Businesses also benefit as they can attract new ECO-customers that support their cause, and businesses only pay when they make a sale, rather than paying for A&M and hoping for a sale.

So join us in unlocking community collaboration! Let’s show the world how companies can make community and the planet a profit centre without compromising quality or convenience – because together, we can create something much greater than ourselves!

How Community Collaboration Can Boost Your Business via Erth Points

Listen up, folks! If you want to boost your business, Erth Loyalty Points is the way to go. You’ll not only be gaining loyal customers but also contributing to the environment and community organisations. It’s a win-win situation! Community collaboration is all about working together towards a common goal – in this case, creating a better world for ourselves and future generations. By using Erth Loyalty Points as a customer attraction system, as an incentive for customers to shop at your store or use your services, you’re not just rewarding them with discounts; you’re showing that you care about something more significant than just profit margins, what is important to them. Plus, this ‘Super Loyalty’ that attracted them is also what can make them return to your business. Proving that supporting what is important to your customers can also be highly profitable.

Think of it as joining forces with local community organisations and environmental groups. You can work together to promote sustainability efforts or support charitable causes while growing awareness and appreciation for one another. So, let’s unlock the power of community collaboration with Erth Loyalty Reward Points – it’s time to make a difference!

The Gift that Keeps on Giving: Erth Rewards and Customer Engagement.

They say you can’t buy happiness, but with Erth rewards, you can come pretty darn close! Not only do these points translate into sweet deals and discounts at your favourite stores, but they also offer a chance to give back to the community. Who doesn’t love feeling like a superhero while saving money? But wait, there’s more! The icing on the cake is that by earning these loyalty points; customers are also contributing to environmental causes and supporting local charities. It’s a win-win-win situation – businesses get loyal customers, communities get stronger bonds and support from each other, and mother nature gets some much-needed TLC.

So, let’s all jump on board this collaborative train of awesomeness with Erth rewards – because who doesn’t want to be part of something bigger than themselves while snagging great deals? Let the gift that keeps on giving change our shopping habits for good!

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