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To succeed in the Erth point system, it’s essential to understand the best practice for specialists and businesses working together. For instance, a merchant’s primary goal is to increase sales. Becoming an Erth point merchant can help achieve that.
  • It is important to note that a merchant is usually fully dedicated to their business and a manager of an ECO is fully dedicated to supporting that ECO and as such they should NOT be confused with becoming a BDO.

Having said that, all their team should be encouraged to download the App. and they can use their own share QR code to enlist members into the system. The advantages to this are –

  • Anyone that enlists another person is automatically enrolled into the BDO program as a junior BDO. This means that they can start earning a small amount from their enlisted network every time the enlisted person earns Erth points. The junior BDO can earn up to $20 per week from the people they have enlisted before having to become a full BDO.
  • The enlisting person or junior BDO can also be eligible for other benefits such as winning competition prizes of say $10,000. With this competition, a customer gets an entry in the draw for every $10 they spend where they earn Erth points. The junior BDO also earns an entry in the draw every time one of the people they have introduced earns an entry.

Example – The BDO purchases $100 of fuel from Metro and buys a $200 Woolworths Gift card, they earn 30 entries. If they introduce four people who do the same, they will earn a further 120 entries in the draw.

  • This benefits the merchant, the merchant’s staff, the nominated ECOs, the customers, the planet and the BDOs.
  • Merchants only pay when these customers make a purchase.
  • Some merchants will ask about why they should keep paying for every sale. The answer is quite simple, other businesses that understand the lifetime value of a customer are prepared to pay much more than 3% of a sale to attract and keep your customers. What would you pay?
  • Assume you own or manage a coffee shop, and someone gets a coffee for $5.00 and from that you make a $4.00 gross profit margin from every coffee. The customer comes in 5 days a week for 45 weeks of the year. Your gross revenue would be $1,125 per year and your gross profit margin is $900 for the year. Most merchants would happily pay $100 to get 1,000 of these customers to obtain a $900,000 gross profit. On this basis, think of Erth points as a type of customer protection or anti-poaching system that only costs $0.15 cents per cup to keep your customers, or attract new customers. As most merchants would spend $100 for that customer, $0.15 to attract and maintain customers is a very good investment.
  • BDOs can help restaurants by showing them how to enlist their customers as VIPs. Then the restaurants can send special offers to VIP customers on slow nights. This can turn a loss-making evening into a profitable evening and similar promotions can be done with other merchants.
  • Erth points help quantify the sales made, which cannot be done from donations or sponsorships. Merchants only pay when a sale is made, taking the pressure off them, as there is no outlay until the customer pays. By being able to itemize which customers came from which ECO through the Erth point system. It enables a merchant to do added promotions with the ECOs that are supplying the most customers.
  • BDOs can also work with printers or wholesalers to encourage other merchants to join the Erth point system. This benefits all parties as the printer gets more customers, and the merchants that implement Erth points can also get more customers. Those customers have more places they can earn or redeem Erth points, the planet benefits, the ECO’s benefit and the BDO also benefits.

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